wiFT Frequently Asked Questions

last update:
08/04/02 -- August 4th, 2002

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mjvh AT users.sf.net
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So.. what is wiFT anyway?

-> wiFT is a win32 front end to the p2p application giFT

uh, giFT?

-> giFT is poised to be at the forefront of the next generation of p2p. giFT is a p2p daemon that allows a single UI (i.e. wiFT) to simply and easily use multiple p2p protocols.

Interesting. Tell me more of this, giFT, program as you call it.

-> check out the offical home page of the project @ giftproject.org

I went to giftproject.org and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

-> yea well.. the software is still under development, what can I say? you might consider reading the available documentation @ giftproject.org/docs -- it's quite thorough.

I read the docs at giftproject.org and I'm still having troubles. Can you help?

-> not really. if you can't get giFT working with the docs that are there, nothing I can say is likely to help you. I'm sure it won't be long before binaries are released. Just keep checking the homepage.

I'm back. giFT is installed now. What next?

-> get wiFT

hmm.. I can't seem to get wiFT installed

-> read the docs

hmm.. I can't seem to get wiFT to do anything

-> read the other docs

Faannnnntastic -- I am in p2p nirvana

-> just like we promised

I found a bug in wiFT

-> if you're sure it's a bug, email me: mjvh AT users.sf.net

-> fair warning: if it's not a bug, you're not likely to get a response. be sure you've read the docs.

I've got some ideas on how to make wiFT even better. What should I do?

-> email me: mjvh AT users.sf.net

-> or, do it yourself. you may wish to download wiFT-x.x.x-src.zip and consult the 'wiFT Developer's Guide.txt'